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Suggestions Box

Want to improve LiveJournal? Contribute your ideas!

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Official English-language LiveJournal suggestions community

How do I submit a suggestion?

To submit a suggestion, please fill in the form at the Suggestion Proposal Generator according to the directions. All fields are required. Suggestions are moderated before posting. Some types of suggestions have a "drop box" post or community where you should comment with your ideas:
New Journal Layouts
New Virtual Gifts
New Userheads: lj_userheads

If you would like to submit a suggestion in Russian, please do so at lj_ru_support. Русскоязычные пользователи могут оставить свои предложения в специальном сообществе lj_ru_support.

If you have a suggestion in a language other than English or Russian, you may email it to the contact address listed above.

Any user may submit a suggestion through the Suggestion Proposal Generator. It is not necessary to join the community in order to make a suggestion. Anyone is welcome to watch the suggestions community. Community membership is limited to staff and volunteers actively involved with community administration.

What if someone has suggested my idea before?

Before submitting a suggestion, please take a look through the community to make sure you are not submitting a duplicate. Previous suggestions can be found by browsing the tag listing or searching.

The Web

Suggestions are tagged according to the areas and features of the site they would affect. All current suggestions (from the past three years) have been tagged, and most of the historical (older than three years) suggestions are tagged as well. Suggestions that are a duplicate of a current suggestion will be rejected. Suggestions that are a re-submission of a historical suggestion should include a link to the historical suggestion. They should also include any possible drawbacks pointed out in the discussion of the historical suggestion. Re-submissions that do not include these may be rejected.

If you notice a suggestion that is not tagged correctly, please comment to it so that a maintainer can update the tags.

What happens after I submit a suggestion?

The suggestion is reviewed by moderators. If accepted, the suggestion is posted in the community for discussion. If a suggested feature is implemented, it will be announced in lj_releases. This post explains the entire life of a suggestion, including the meanings of the suggestion's status tags.

lj_releases posts updates on new features, bug fixes, and various other LiveJournal modifications. If you would like to keep updated on this, you may add the community to your friends list or visit it periodically.

What can I suggest here?

The suggestions community primarily accepts ideas for new technical features or changes/improvements to existing technical features. This community is maintained and moderated primarily by volunteers. Some suggestions are handled by other departments.

  • If you would like to suggest a change of policy, or give your opinions about a recent change to the site, please submit Feedback to staff.

  • If you require technical support, please contact Support.

  • If you have found a bug, please contact Support.

  • If you are unsure whether LiveJournal offers a particular feature, or do not know how to use a feature, you may be able to find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are still unsure, contact Support.

  • If you would like a change to be made to the Frequently Asked Questions, please open a Support request in the Documentation category.

  • If you would like a change to be made to a translation of the site, please see lj_translate and the specific community for the translation in question.

  • If you would like to form a partnership with LiveJournal, please use the Partnership Inquiry form.

Keep In Mind

  • Many suggestions have been proposed and discussed, but simply not implemented yet. Be sure that you are not submitting a duplicate.

  • Make a separate suggestion for each proposed change. This allows each suggestion to be properly tracked if any of them is chosen for development. This also makes discussions on each proposed change easier.

  • Be as thorough as possible with your suggestion. Don't be afraid to suggest something if you're not exactly sure how it would be programmed, but the more you can describe about how you would like it to work, the better. Try to think about what else your idea would affect, and who it would be helpful to.

  • Most suggestions, even very good suggestions, have drawbacks or difficulties. Please list any you can think of when submitting the suggestion, even if you do not think it is a major drawback (or don't personally think it's a drawback at all but you know some people will not like it), or you are not sure how those difficulties could be resolved. Once a difficulty has been pointed out, someone else may have an idea for how it could be resolved. Participants in the suggestions community will also point out any additional difficulties they can see with the idea, and any resolutions they can think of.

  • If you are opposed to a suggestion, keep your feedback polite. Address the feature, not the user. Even if the suggested means of addressing a need is impractical, attempt to identify the underlying need, and see if there is a better way to address it.

  • Flaming will not be tolerated. Everyone has different ideas about how LiveJournal should work; remember that promoting your opinion is all right, but flaming someone else's opinion is not. Avoid excessive profanity and other crude language. In the event that there is spam or abuse in the community, please notify a maintainer immediately, and leave any comments in place so the maintainer may address the issue.

  • Even suggestions that gather negative feedback from the community are still worth discussing. Other users may have had the same idea, and may benefit from seeing the discussion. If someone disagrees with your suggestion, do not delete their comments. If you would like to withdraw a suggestion after submitting it, please contact a maintainer.

  • Developing new features and making changes takes time. If a suggestion has not been implemented, this does not necessarily mean it has been rejected. Developers must assign time to a variety of projects, and some features may take longer to develop than initially guessed. While a suggestion with a lot of positive feedback is more likely to be considered than one that is mostly disagreed with, the final decision to implement or not implement any given suggestion is in the hands of management and the developers.

  • Stay on topic. The suggestions community is for the entire site, including developers, and extensive digressions can distract from the actual topic of the suggestion.

  • Those familiar with LiveJournal development are asked not to point to developer resources like Changelog; this helps maintain the suggestion migration process.

Last updated 02 February 2010
If you have been banned from commenting, you are free to request that the ban be lifted. Please email the contact address listed above for review.


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