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Expanding the awareness of the average LJ User.

Title: Improving communication about LJ

Short Desc: Sending out an e-mail (monthly/one off) to people who checked the box in their user profile for LiveJournalNews

Full Desc: We currently have 15888 LJ accounts that have signed up for LJ News. It seems that we have a huge untapped resource of LJ Users that we aren't reaching. We should send out an e-mail if only as a one time thing.

* Current LJ Statistics,
* LJ Community News - This is where we are giving a more up to date look at what's happening within LJ and yet we have minimal exposure as nobody knows too add this to their friends to be kept up to date. This would have, IMHO, seen a faster purchase of the permanent accounts for example,
* A list of recommended communities that every LJ User should be part of
The Newbies Lounge,
* How to contact support and the processes involved. What makes up a useful Support request and what makes a terrible one?
* Locations to the FAQ's
* A brief guide on creating Communities - I have seen an increased trend personally in duplicate types of community being created we may want to discourage frivolous community creation and use of LJ resources. I don't know if people just aren't aware of existing communities; don't know how to check or just don't care.
* Topics - What are they, how to use them etc.
* Information on how the recent growth of LJ has lead to the purchase of the new servers etc and the projected plans for what is ahead.
* The LJ user agreement. - Worth a re post of what the acceptable usage policies are.
* Anything else anyone can think is worth tagging on?

Once we have it written it can also be posted to comm_news and updated there as needed?

Benefits: Increased awareness of LJ Communities, LJ Community News, LJ Happenings and growth, LJ Support and how to's.

Resolved Issues: A raised awareness in your average LJ user on how to get the most out of LJ.

Implementation: Send out a one-time e-mail containing the above information. Then alter the welcome e-mail to include better information and links on where to find the same information inside of LJ.
Tags: business, documentation, § obsolete
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