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Custom journal-type icons for OpenID users from known sources

Custom journal-type icons for OpenID users from known sources

Short, concise description of the idea
For OpenID users from sites LiveJournal is aware of, use that site's user-head icon instead of the OpenID logo.

Full description of the idea
OpenID users, instead of the little head to the left of their username, have the OpenID logo.

If LiveJournal knows the little user-head that other journaling sites use, or has an icon representative of other OpenID sources, why not use that instead? Apparently it is easier than one might think to change the icon for a single user. It may therefore be not outside of the realm of possibility to change this icon for all OpenID users from a particular source, so that (for example) all InsaneJournal OpenID users might have that little yellow thing by their usernames.

Since I doubt this sort of thing is in any way standardized, it would probably have to be done manually. This task would probably fall to Support. This should therefore come complete with a form that requires the proper information so that poor Support can take care of adding a new source site's image more easily.

(Inspired by a rejected suggestion from 2006 regarding Facebook comments.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • More recognizable
  • Perhaps easier than previously thought
  • More goodwill between sites?
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Imagine the update query needed to change all the icons for previously-registered OpenIDs of a known parent site.
  • Could cause confusion.
  • Some people may loathe the icon of any given site.
  • More work for probably-Support.
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