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Add more context to /delcomment.bml? page

Add more context to /delcomment.bml? page

Short, concise description of the idea
The page to delete a comment should have a link back to the comment where it appears on the entry, the "ban from everywhere" tickybox .

Full description of the idea
Fewer people see the /delcomment.bml? page these days because of the little delete comment pop-up. If this can't appear for any reason, one goes to the /delcomment.bml page, with the journal name, entry ID, and comment ID passed in as arguments.

This page lacks a number of things that are present when dealing with comment deletion with the scripted popup window on the entry page.

This page has no link back to where the comment appears in the context of the entry. (The scripted version does this inline, and one never leaves the page.) Generally this is OK as one gets there either from the comment notification or by clicking the button or link on the comment itself, but sometimes one forgets what comment one is deleting, or leaves a page open for some time, or even may be constructing the deletion link by hand.

The page lacks the "ban from everywhere" tickbox that (should be) visible on the quick delete popup; this means that this feature is not accessible to people who don't have scripts enabled or who cannot for whatever reason make them enabled. (I am currently sorely missing this on my elderly backup computer, while my regular computer is in the shop; unlike folks using a screen reader, I will soon have my precioussss again.)

This page could also even have the text of the comment itself; that would be a trade-off between quick loading and context. I would suggest that if it is included, it should appear *below* the button and checkboxes, so if it's slow to load, hopefully those will have loaded first and it will be fine without it; and if it is a long comment, the delete button will be the first thing up top still.

The success page for delcomment.bml should have a link back to the entry, which it currently does not. It might even be possible to pass the page and view that someone was on (say on page 3 of 10, in a particular thread), and have the link return them to that point.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Better, more intuitive user interface
  • Making the fallback version of the site line up with the modern-scripted version of the site
  • Better for accessibility
  • 5000-odd characters (4300 plus comment metadata) should not increase page loading time by much
  • Seems low-effort
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Might not be as low-effort as I think it is
  • Increased page loading time (by up to 5000-odd characters, if you take the 4300 character limit and add in comment metadata), especially if there's an image in the comment (maybe the raw view of the comment?)
Tags: comment deletion, usability, user interface, § no status
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