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LJ's future

LJ's future

Short, concise description of the idea
LJ is less popular than Facebook and Twitter, and I have an idea for living on that kind of Internet.

Full description of the idea
I still like LJ, specifically for posts like this my most recent one, which allow me to go into excruciatingly long and dull detail on what I'm thinking, instead of a quick update, as well as so I can write real journal entries, like my Snopacalypse writeup. I like the idea of going back, years from now, and reading them again. I also use LJ for taking notes on things, like my Linux installs. Plus, my LJ friends page doubles as my RSS feed reader, and I've got no reason to want to migrate away from it. So my idea was this: LJ registers the domain, for Details At LiveJournal and sets up a TinyURL like service, automatically tied into their journals. So, you post a journal, and on your entry, there's a little stylized 'D@LJ' logo, which you can click and it will copy a URL to your clipboard, that looks like ''. Then, when you go to Facebook, or Twitter, or where ever, you update with 'I just got into a car wreck.'. If they're really good with it, they make it so your subject becomes your Fweet/Tweet/Buzz entry, and auto-adds the D@LJ thing, or maybe a new 'D@LJ' text box at the bottom, labeled 'Summary'. LJ becomes your main site, since it will Fweet/Tweet/Buzz for you, and everyone who cares enough comes back to LJ to read the details.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Easy integration with other sites
  • Keeps LJ relevant in a Twitter/Facebook world
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Requires some more coding.
  • Forces acknowledgment of the popularity and usefulness of web sites.
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