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Two-Token Username Swap

Two-Token Username Swap

Short, concise description of the idea
If you want to swap the usernames of two journals under your control, you should be able to do this simply and with two tokens, from a form that acknowledges this as a possibility.

Full description of the idea
You can, currently, swap the usernames of two journals under your control, using three rename tokens, a throwaway journal created specifically for the purpose of the swap, and a complicated (but helpfully documented) shell game. This is a pain and it wastes a username.

LJ should develop a system to directly swap two usernames, and build an interface for it where you just enter the two usernames to swap, enter the two rename tokens, and press a button and away you go. (If there's password-entering or anything else like that in the normal scheme of things, this should happen there too.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Easier to rename.
  • Swapping names is a common enough use case that there's a howto for it.
  • Fewer throwaway accounts created.
  • More affordable (leading to more people doing it, possibly), and users who want to do it don't feel so much like they're buying a 3rd token for no good reason.
  • Less wear and tear on everybody when someone gets it wrong and gets upset.
  • More intuitive for people who aren't already used to LJ's quirks.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Lost revenue from that third token.
  • Renaming is pretty rare already (rename plague aside); swapping must therefore be even more so.
Tags: account renaming, § no status
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