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To quote or not to quote (in e-mail responses)

To quote or not to quote (in e-mail responses)

Short, concise description of the idea
Add an extra set of options to specify the content of the "Get message board replies" emails (similar to the quoting options in most email programs)

Full description of the idea
I tend to rant a bit in some of my posts and comments (really, I do :).. I would like to be able to select whether or not LJ quotes what I said in the emails that are sent to me. For instance, if I made a 6k post and someone replies with a single word, I would rather not get the whole 6k post emailed to me with their response at the very end.

If possible it would also be nice to select between my own posts and responses that I make in someone else's journal. In theory, if it's my own post that someone is responding to, I would almost never really need to see something quoted, but I might like to leave myself the option of seeing which particular comment someone is responding to if it's in someone else's journal (or in a shared journal like this one).

This might be reaching, but it seems like this could be implemented concurrently. It would be nice to be CC'ed when I post a comment to someone's journal. Obviously if the person that I'm responding to doesn't get email notifications, then it wouldn't be CC, but that would be the idea (and more to the point, the functions to generate the email already exist). This would mostly be for documentation purposes. It would also mean that I could turn off quoting in the first two options and I would still have a full record of threads that I had with people in all journals in much the way that I have it now for threads in my journal.

An ordered list of benefits

  1. It would make it simpler to read through email in general and for those of us who read it on a PDA or cell phone, less stuff to download at once is a good thing.
  2. Full documentation of threads. If I respond to someone and they delete their post or comment, I still have some way of knowing exactly what was said. For those who are somewhat obsessive about keeping a full account of their "journal(s)" it's nice and if problems arise with users there's more accountability.
  3. In theory smaller emails could be generated and that would eat up less bandwidth all around.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  1. People might feel that the CC portion is a bit intrusive (even though in theory all the information being emailed is already available to the person getting the CC)
  2. More options might confuse people who aren't really familiar with the LJ setup (i.e. newbies)

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
It looks like emails are generated in chunks (i.e. the quote, the response/reply, the url for the discussion, etc...) so it should be possible to check to see if the user wants the standard full email or if they want the quoted portion omitted.

The CC portion could probably be handled in the same routine that checks to see if the person being replied to wants emails (just check to see if the poster wants to be CC'ed/emailed) and either add the CC to the outgoing e-mail or generate one for the poster. This portion probably doesn't need to check for quoting since that would be yet more choices etc... and probably not worth it.

So hopefully I did this suggestion right. I'm just figuring out the whole LJ system so I probably wouldn't be much help implementing it right now, but I'm really curious to see how/if this could be done.
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