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All search engines on LJ should list results in order of most recent activity

All search engines on LJ should list results in order of most recent activity

Short, concise description of the idea
Why on earth would Yandex list users who haven't updated since 2005 first? That doesn't make any sense. Yandex and all searches should show the users who have updated MOST RECENTLY first and then show those who've haven't updated in forever. This should of course also be the case for entries and communities.

Full description of the idea
Does LJ want to be just a secret club for people who signed up in 2003 and never EVER updated or participated again?

LJ needs to support it's most active users no matter how long they've been here. The new search engine has to show the most recent entries by everyone (not just a select few limited to the first 500 or whatever).

An ordered list of benefits
  • Listing users and communities in order of when they first signed up (or whatever the criteria is) whether or not the user has updated within the last, oh let's say, five years is ridiculous. With the new search engine, recent active communities and users are invisible while ancient journals that in some cases have not been updated since 2005 are listed instead. Limiting results to a select few (like the original first 500 or so interested users) is a bad idea that dissuades active growth and participation.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Some people who haven't done anything on the site in years might finally show up one day and get mad.
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