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Mechanism To Record and Communicate Reasons For Banning

Mechanism To Record and Communicate Reasons For Banning

Short, concise description of the idea
Offer a mechanism to record reason for banning a user (e.g. banusers.bml) and communicate to the banned user why they were banned (displayed message).

Full description of the idea
In order to prevent the "Why was I banned from your journal / community?" question, here is a suggestion to log banned users and communicate reasons for banning.

Similar to this suggestion, provide some sort of notes section but in this case, for banned users. Perhaps add a field in banusers.bml (160 characters or so) to allow adding of banned reasons.

Then, when the person is trying to comment, submit a post, or join a community, if a reason is added, they will be displayed that message / reason.

The above is just a simplified version of the suggestion and a possible situation arising in which it could be useful. There are some other aspects to consider like character limits for entering reasons, having a setting regarding the "display" of the reasons (have it shown to the banned user or just keep the reasons internal for maintainers). Other items are discussed below.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Helps avoid the "Why was I banned?" messages because then a message would be displayed to them. (If a setting is selected to make such reasons "public" and not use it as an internal log for maintainers.)
  • Maintainers can keep an internal log of why users were banned / won't forget reasons.
  • All maintainers will have shared knowledge of community happenings.
  • A log would be more efficient than maintainers using notes, which aren't visible to all of them anyway.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • No timestamp as to when bans occur.
  • Might get a maintainer who gets rude with comments. If a banned reason is rude and it is displayed to the banned user, they might get angry.
  • Other maintainers might edit or remove ban reasons / may not be accurate. Do not know who is editing what.
  • Might get the "That's a dumb reason to get banned!" drama. As noted in comments, also denial of reasons which in turn lead to Support and Abuse requests.
  • As noted in comments, users confused that the message is coming from maintainers and not from LiveJournal (perhaps rewording the message could clear this up.)
  • Perhaps both the recording and communicating of reasons should not be implemented together. Might be better (and much more drama-free) to just implement a banusers.bml log.
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