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Can I get your abacus number?

Permit only logged-in users to view specific entries

Permit only logged-in users to view specific entries

Short, concise description of the idea
Similar to friends-locking an entry, this would prevent users who are not logged in from viewing an entry.

Full description of the idea
So, like I said, only users logged into their Livejournal accounts would be able to view specified journal entries. It should be like when one selects to friends-lock entries. It could be chosen as a default setting or selected for an individual entry, as with friends-locking.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People casually browsing a user's journal wouldn't be able to see certain entries, but LJers wouldn't need to be friended by the user to view his or her journal entries. So if you logged out of a shared computer but your history was still available, other people sharing that computer generally wouldn't see your entries, but if a community moderator wanted to browse your entries to see if you're actually interested in the community topic, they wouldn't need to friend you.
  • Adult content settings would ACTUALLY WORK. As it is, one needs to flag an entry for adult content and friends-lock it, because all underage LJers know they can just log out and click right through the "are you over 14/18?" screen. Honestly, that thing's a bit of a joke. And friends-locking it is highly inconvenient. Therefore, more content would be visible to logged-in LJers, and people would no longer be breaking the rules every time they post an entry containing "adult concepts" outside of friends lock.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • It might tend to cause people to create throwaway accounts to get past it.
  • It would reduce the amount of content visible to non-logged-in types, and they have to look at the ads. However, it would increase the amount of content actual LJers can see, as discussed previously.
Tags: adult content, searches, security, security: non-member access, § no status
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