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A copy and/or confirmation of an entry submitted to a moderated community

A copy and/or confirmation of an entry submitted to a moderated community

Short, concise description of the idea
When I post to a community with moderated posting, I would like to receive a copy and/or some other confirmation (either via email or LiveJournal's Message Center) of the entry I submitted.

Full description of the idea
Right now, when one posts an entry to a community with moderated posting (as opposed to moderated membership, which is separate), the poster does not receive any lasting confirmation that they had posted anything, nor do they have access to what they posted in the entry until it has either been accepted or rejected by one of the community's moderators. (Yes, this includes suggestions itself, which has moderated posting although the process is somewhat different.)

All too often, I post something and then (because I have the memory of a goldfish) forget that I had ever done so until I receive an acceptance/rejection email from a community moderator. Also, sometimes, I would like to know what precisely I had submitted; unfortunately, my only current option is to copy the text from the text box(es) and paste it into Notepad or Word.

Thus, I think it would be helpful to receive some kind of notification from LiveJournal (be it via email or via the Message Center) that I had submitted a entry for moderation... and more so if that notification included the full text of the entry I had submitted. That way, I can review it for errors I missed upon submitting the entry and then, if necessary, contact a moderator to ask them to reject it.

Since some folks might not find this feature useful (or possibly even a liability), this should be completely optional, perhaps as a Notifications setting.

Edited to add: I forgot to explicitly mention that the rejection emails already include the full text of the submission. This would be independent of those emails. Thus, were this suggestion implemented, perhaps the full text wouldn't be needed in the rejection emails, since that would render it redundant.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More permanent verification that an entry has properly been placed in a community's moderation queue
  • If this includes an actual copy of the entry's text, a better chance for the poster to catch errors after the fact and then (if necessary) perhaps contact the moderator to ask them to reject the entry
  • Less confusion when the poster tries to post a subsequent entry in the same community but receives an error message due to the original entry not having been acted upon yet
  • I think there are others, but I'm too braindead to think of them right now
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • As usual, the time and trouble to code this
  • Extra bandwidth and possible strain on LiveJournal's POP (or outgoing email) server for more notifications sent out
  • Possible extra space taken up in the user's LiveJournal Inbox
  • Edited to add: Reliability of receipt of notifications cannot be guaranteed, due to email provider issues on the user's end or if they share the same issues that some thread tracking notifications currently have with not appearing in the Inbox as expected
  • Again, there are most likely a plethora of issues that haven't even come to mind, but again, I'm too braindead to think of them, sorry ^^;;
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