Антон Онопко (ono_it) wrote in suggestions,
Антон Онопко

Simple unexpensive solution to prevent video/graphic SPAM


Simple and effective solution to stop video or graphic spam

Short, concise description of the idea

Disable posting video embedded objects ( i.e Youtube ) or <img> tags in comments by default.

Full description of the idea

When author creates a new post, she can check box "Allow video objects in comments" or/and "Allow pictures in comments". By default, these check boxes are unchecked. If they are unchecked, video objects/image tags are not allowed in comments, but simple links to video or image is OK.

An ordered list of benefits
  1. Better user experience
  2. Fight with spam accounts which used video or graphic images won instantly  !

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  1. Spam bots might use unusual video service, it takes time to maintain a list of such services
  2. Server program need more time for analyzing user input
Tags: comments, html cleaner, spam, § no status
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