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Notifications for community membership removal

Notifications for community membership removal

Short, concise description of the idea
Much like "defriending" notifications or "maintainership removal" notifications, I would like to have "membership removal" notifications issued to the user in question when someone else removes their membership from a community.

Full description of the idea
Currently, if someone's membership from a given community is removed by someone else (i.e. a maintainer), the user won't get directly notified about it. We have notifications for removals of maintainership from a community, and (for Paid and Permanent users) removals from someone else's Friends list. Thus, it would make sense to me to get notified that my membership from a community was revoked.

For example, I didn't find out that I was no longer a member of a community for which I had long ago lost eligibility, until today. Not that big of a deal, except that I would have liked to have found out sooner so that I could have unwatched it at that time.

This suggestion is somewhat similar to this one except that it involves only the ex-member in question; with just this suggestion, others would not receive notification that the user's membership had been removed.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More convenience and quicker notification for the ex-member in question
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • As always, the time and trouble for developers to code this and set up the notification system to handle this new notification type
  • To make it commensurate with the "defriending" notifications, this should probably also be available only to Paid or Permanent accounts
  • Maybe a little more risk of drama over getting booted from a community, but I really think that's doubtful at most (given that they will probably eventually find out anyway) *Shrug*
  • Edited to add: Reliability of the notifications cannot be guaranteed, due to email provider issues on the user's end or issues similar to those of some thread tracking notifications not appearing as expected in the user's Inbox
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