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"Quick Update" text box at the top of the LJ and Friends List pages

"Quick Update" text box at the top of the LJ and Friends List pages

Short, concise description of the idea
In order to facilitate more frequent, status-style updates, I propose adding a one-click text entry box right at the top of the page, both on the main livejournal page and in the header bar of the Friends Page view.

Full description of the idea
Livejournal is being killed by Facebook. People like the quick, no-committment nature of a "status update" box. It also entices people to post content when a small text box is right at the top of the page they most frequently visit (in LJ's case, I believe this is the Friends Page view).

Just trying to bring some life back to LJ. Let's make it easier for people to post little snippets and updates.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Brings traffic back from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Makes it easier to participate in the LJ community.
  • Expands the unspoken commitment of Livejournal from "OMG you need to post a big long blog entry" into "or you can send out a quick update," psychologically speaking.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • "Quick Update" entries would be sent with no title.
  • Fitting a text box into the current Friends page header may be a tight squeeze.
  • LJ may wish to define itself more as a long-content blog forum, rather than a snappy social networking site like Facebook or Twitter.
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