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Change wording on /contact to clarify the feedback vs. suggestions process

Change wording on /contact to clarify the feedback vs. suggestions process

Short, concise description of the idea
"Feedback" can be suggestions intended for staff's eyes only too. "Suggestions" is for public discussion in suggestions Clarify that.

Full description of the idea
I'd like a change to the /contact page clarifying the feedback vs. suggestions process in the LiveJournal contact form.

In addition to someone's opinions on policy and so forth, one can technically make suggestions in private to staff through the feedback form.

Things submitted to the suggestions form are deposited into the moderation queue for the LJ suggestions community.

Clarifying that "feedback" is for feedback to staff and suggestions that are not intended for public discussion, and "suggestions" are for suggestions intended for public discussion, would probably improve user experience; a number of people who submit suggestions are not aware that their suggestion may be presented for public discussion, and some would prefer to make the suggestion in private.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People might share more ideas and be less intimidated by the thought of plunging into the free-for-all discussion in suggestions, if they know there is that option.
  • People who want to contact staff privately will see that the suggestions form is not the place to put that information.
  • Less confusion when people are surprised that their suggestion goes to suggestions.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More workload for employees working on the Feedback board.
  • Users may expect personal responses.
  • The public discussion part of the suggestions process sometimes produces great things, and staff may not have time to subject privately-submitted suggestions to the same rigorous debate/brainstorming process.
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