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automatic ?date=YYYY-MM-DD links for paid users after ?skip=1000/2 weeks

automatic ?date=YYYY-MM-DD links for paid users after ?skip=1000/2 weeks

Short, concise description of the idea
Show link to view friends page by date for paid users after they have reached the ?skip=1000 / 2 week limit on their friends page.

Full description of the idea
Paid users can view their friends pages by date, but this is little-known and not intuitive to reach. Similar to how you are offered date links for your journal in most styles once you've reached the skip limit, this should be offered for the friends page as well.

This revisits the concept from, which was made before the ?date= feature was offered.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Better feature discovery for paid users
  • Ease of use = more people using it regularly and getting hooked on it = more incentive to maintain a paid account
  • Fewer support requests and suggestions from paid users who don't already know about this
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • The friends page uses server time to build itself, so there could be some confusion about seeing entries with a stated date that differs from the server date they were posted on. (This goes double for comms, where Date Out of Order does not exist.)
  • Overlap between the trailing ends of ?skip= and the beginning of where ?date= starts, unless ?skip=1000 happens to happen at exactly server midnight.
Tags: friends page, paid features, § no status
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