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Make the profile 'Journal Entries' link go to the calendar

Make the profile 'Journal Entries' link go to the calendar

Short, concise description of the idea
Link to the journal calendar in the profile, using the 'Journal Entries' link

Full description of the idea
I always expect the '#### Journal Entries' link in the profile of a journal/community to take me to the calendar. It feels weird to click on a link text that says '7,036 Journal Entries' and get sent to just the latest 20 on the journal homepage.

Also, there's a link to the journal homepage just above, at the very top of the profile, in big letters. And as far as I can see the calendar isn't linked to anywhere. If it's not in the journal sidebar or similar then you have to know the URL structure to get to it.

1) Use the 'Journal Entries' link to send you to the calendar, which after all is the only reasonable way of navigating the total number of journal entries displayed in the link text

2) Alternatively, add a link to the calendar somewhere else on the profile page. I think it makes sense in that line of links to tags and memories and other ways of navigating non-recent posts, but that might be just me.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Consistent way of finding the journal calendar, regardless of whether the journal style has a link to it or not
  • More people using this really very handy feature
  • Better use of space in the profile by not linking to something that is already linked to (and otherwise very easy to find)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Confusion for users who have learned to click on that link to get to the 'Recent Entries' page, of which I'm sure there are many
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