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ESN tag subscriptions: the editing-friendly version

ESN tag subscriptions: the editing-friendly version

Short, concise description of the idea
Send out notifications for ESN tag subscriptions even when tags are added after posting.

Full description of the idea
Our friend the ESN system does not send out notifications for tag subscriptions when the tags are edited in after posting. This is not good, particularly because lots of people like to add tags after the entry is posted, and then people who have subscribed don't get told.

Editing tags should trigger an event that temporarily saves the old tags, compares them to the new tags, and executes notifications for any tags that were not there previously.

(People who were notified about tags that are removed shouldn't be really considered, as there's no way to un-notify, really.)

This suggested implementation does not take into account the users who have subscribed to new entries on the tags that already existed on the entry, in the time between posting and/or the last edit of tags, and this edit of tags, but they presumably took a look at the journal and saw that entry before subscribing.

This does have the risk that an entry is posted with a tag and someone gets notified, the tag is taken off, then the tag is put back on again and they get notified again. Short of making a cache (maybe a week or two?) of notifications that got sent, I see no way around this, and anyway, people also get multiple notifications if someone edits a comment a lot.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Tag subscriptions work intuitively and as advertised.
  • Users posting entries don't have to remember to tag them before posting.
  • Users subscribing don't have to freak out about why they're missing notifications.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Possibility for multiple notifications.
  • Increased strain on the system.
  • Someone who retags their whole journal using a tool that quickly untags, saves, and then retags and saves the entries. (Rate limiting of no more than 5 notifications in a single journal per hour on entries older than 2 weeks, perhaps? Making a cache of about 10 minutes and using the net tag changes from that?)
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