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Explainer Notes

Explainer Notes

Short, concise description of the idea
A means of providing short, explanatory notes, in a link in a journal entry, so that those who don't know who "disgraced former boss" was, or what "the one minute rule" is can click on the link and be provided with a brief explanation (in the form of a short note written by the owner of the journal).

Full description of the idea
In the course of writing a journal entry, one may, on occasion, refer to some person, entity, event, location etc that played a part in the journaler's history, for example...

"I got an email from disgraced former boss today, proposing that we work together on a project. Given the history, I had to laugh..."

That entry might make more sense to longer-term readers, who know (from previous entries) about the DFB, but newer readers may not know that. If the phrase "Disgraced Fomer Boss" could be linked to some short explanatory note (maybe a #bookmark in an FAQ list), those that need to can quickly look to see what this means. Yes, this could be achieved by linking to a previous entry where the story of said boss was told, but that might be a long way ago, not easy to find, or too long an entry for a quick explanation.

Having an area (possibly an extended and linkable part of the profile, or some special set of undated journal entries) where the author can insert a number of FAQ style entries, individually accessible by links, bookmarks etc, would enable the author to put in helpful explanatory notes. For example...

An entry in the FAQ - "my leg" might read... "When I was 18, I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident. Despite all the pins and metal plates, I am still very weak in the left leg. While I can walk and such like, it put an end to my sporting aspirations. Also, I've never been able to get on a bike again."

Which could be linked to in any number of entries where one might otherwise have to offer an explanation of why they couldn't accept an invitation to a hiking contest, assist them in moving house...

It could also be used in communities - with links for submission guidelines, judging rules, community etiquette etc...

It could be implemented as a linkable area in the journal/community profile, maybe as an FAQ, with #bookmarks for individual entries.

Maybe it could also be set up in the journal display like the Tags area - so much as you see a tag for "health", you could see an FAQ-tag for "my leg", and easily right-click on it to get the URL and HREF that in the journal entry.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Easy means of providing explanatory notes
  • Centralised place for useful information
  • Saves hunting for when you made that entry explaining how you broke your leg
  • Provides useful quick links for communities to community information
  • Saves journal owners from forever having to explain why they can't play football
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Implementation - woued require work on the profile area
  • Linkage - need to find an easy way to use it (other than opening a fresh window, seeking to that profile entry and copying the URL back to the entry where it is referred to).
  • Need to find a way to show said entries (e.g. in a tag-cloud like display area) so that they can be easily got at by the author.
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