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cursors upload in gallery

cursors upload in gallery

Short, concise description of the idea
accepting upload of files ext .cur and .ani in gallery, for layout purposes - and evtl .css too

Full description of the idea
all objects necessary for layout modifications can be stored in LJ gallery - images, and to a certain extent, css, in the customize panel (when they're not too long).

customizing a cursor is a really nice feature, but as this file extensions .cur and .ani can't be stored in the galleries as well, you have to use the url of an extern location (cursors4u.com etc). which means: if their website is cancelled, or the cursor's url modified, no custom cursor in your LJ either. and not all sites allow uploading of selfmade cursors anyway.

so, if it was possible to store these .ani/.cur files in LJ, this would make sure the ressources don't disappear, and simplify the search for them while modifying a layout.

same applies to .css when the files are too long for storage in the customize journal panel.

An ordered list of benefits
  • all the elements for a customized layout would be in the user's own gallery, easy to get quickly where the user needs them.

  • no problems with linking to external websites which could get modified or deleted.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • can't think of any, since it's only for storage.

  • these files are very small too and don't use much server space.
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