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Override Styles/Color Schemes

Short description
Allow logged-in users to override styles and/or color schemes when viewing other users' journals.

Full Description
Give users the option to override styles and/or color schemes when they're viewing other users' journals.

1. Will minimize visual wonkiness (i.e., destruction of color vision caused by staring at large fields of ugly colors like bright red, pink, or orange)
2. Will stop people like me from bitching about the obvious lack of color sense and/or vision in these people who choose these hideous styles or color schemes
3. The code for this already exists, to some extent

1. Might increase CPU and database overhead

Thoughts on Implementation
The code for this already exists in customview.cgi, right? You'd just have to kludge in the ability for it to apply color schemes as well, create an option for it in personal settings... add some stuff in the code that generates the various views to check for that option and behave accordingly.
Tags: styles, § implemented differently
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