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Add 'view at source' link to video placeholder

Add 'view at source' link to video placeholder

Short, concise description of the idea
If at all available, insert a link to the source page of an embedded video when the placeholder is turned on.

Full description of the idea
Video placeholders replace an embedded video/object with a box holding the dimensions of the video that's supposed to go there, and cheerful little image; you click on it to see the thing. It would be ever so useful to have an actual link to the source page for the embedded video, if it's possible to get such a thing.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Gives some sort of idea about the content (is it a YouTube video, another known video provider, something you've never heard of, something you've heard of and want to avoid, and the link name may be enlightening)
  • Fewer page loads if someone just wants to open the YouTube video in a new tab (one ctrl+click to open in a new tab; compare clicking on the placeholder, clicking on the video)
  • Unlikely to cause more of a problem than if the original poster had thrown in a link to the source.
  • Might give more options for users with accessibility issues (including screen readers and the like)?
  • Probably more that people who feel strongly about this can share in the comments
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • May not be technically feasible to extract useful source/home page information from an embedded item; when you dissect the code for a YouTube embed it gives you a page with just the video on it, not the one with the comments and all.
  • Like the ill-fated Snap, this would involve slightly altering the way someone's entry is served to have something they didn't specifically put in there. (Though that's already happening with the placeholder to start with, as well as any client-side browser add-ons that might be changing things around.)
  • The usual effort-to-benefit ratio, as I don't know how popular video placeholders even are, and this sounds like it might have hidden snags in implementation.
Tags: embedding, video placeholders, § no status
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