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Provide Alternate Method Of Modifying Membership Status For Communities

Provide Alternate Method Of Modifying Membership Status For Communities

Short, concise description of the idea
Provide alternate methods of modifying membership status for communities by revamping the members.bml page or allow additional commands for changes to be made in the admin console.

Full description of the idea
In order to modify journal privileges such as "Member", "Posting Access", "Unmoderated", "Moderator", and "Maintainer", one must visit members.bml. There, the applicable boxes are ticked and the changes are saved.

This is currently the only method and if communities get to the point where there are thousands of members, the members.bml page may not even load in order to make these membership changes. (ohnotheydidnt has 966 pages of members and it often takes multiple attempts to load the page, search for members, and make changes.)

Based on the above, my suggestion is to either revamp members.bml to display members in a way so the page loads quicker (have fewer names listed or present the information differently) or make it so membership changes can be made via the admin console with a community-specific command.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Provides a more efficient method in handling membership status.
  • Thinking about this in advance so the issue does not come up where the page just does not load.
  • Larger communities with high membership will benefit.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Time for developers to research and put something into place. Technical aspects, especially with the admin console.
Tags: accessibility, community maintenance, usability, user interface, § no status
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