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Mat Bowles

Release number of comments into feeds and API

Release number of comments into feeds and API

Short, concise description of the idea
Have an API releasing and displaying the number of comments currently in an entry viewable to feedreaders and other sites

Full description of the idea
When reading feeds from or entries crossposted on Dreamwidth on my friends page, I can see how many comments the entry has on that site without leaving LJ.

It is not currently possible for other sites to access this for entries on LJ, reducing interoperability and cross-platform traffic to LJ.

Having an image file released with the #comments, and having it released within an API, would allow off site users to see if new comments exist.

An ordered list of benefits
  • As many people have a lot of off-site readers, allowing those readers an easy way of seeing how many comments there are, thus encouraging return visits.
  • This would be especially useful for public/blogging users such as the newspaper columnists on, for example, the Independent Minds platform.
  • Encourage interoperability--users crossposting from other platforms can open up their LJ entry for comments and know that it's linked both ways thus comments aren't missed.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Adding an image file displaying the #comments to the RSS feeds may encounter formatting issues.
  • Some users will want privacy options
  • Minor increase in server load as image file will be called whenever feed is viewed--this increase will be small and less than that for userpics or scrapbook hosted images viewed in feeds
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