Lady Diana (ladydiana) wrote in suggestions,
Lady Diana

Searching for text


Short Description of Idea
Making a means by which to search for text by user

Longer Description
Can you possibly (when you haven't anything better to do!) create a means by which to to search the entries AND Comments (both in the person's journal and to other's journals) by a particular person for specific text? For example, if a friend of mine wanted to do a search on all posts and comments by me that contained the text "brown plastic packaging tape monster" ( if you're wondering), they could enable the search engine to look for user ladydiana posting anything containing those words and it would pull up all entries and all comments I ever made to anyone else's entries where I used those words.

It would have to search both comments to the person's journal AND comments they made to other's journals, though...

I'm gonna stick my foot in my mouth and say I consider this a typical search enhancement :::ducks flying things:::1

I'm not a programmer, so all I can do is assume this is a real nightmare to do, so it's not a prioroty. But they told me at support to submit it, so I did.
Tags: comments, entries, searches, § historical
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