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Option for maintainers to see a list of edits by user to a community entry's tags.

Option for maintainers to see a list of edits by user to a community entry's tags.

Short, concise description of the idea
An option to display the usernames of the people who have added tags to a community entry along with their edits for a maintainer/moderator's viewing.

Full description of the idea
Several highly-trafficked communities have had issues with community tagging. When tagging is open to all users or all members, anyone with a grudge can create a minor hassle either by adding inappropriate tags (which may not be caught right away) or by selecting as many as possible (which can stretch the size of the page considerably, especially when done to multiple entries). The maintainers can turn off tagging for non-moderators, but that means extra time spent tagging entries in communities that can get up to hundreds of posts a day, and the inability to edit tags can create annoyance for members. The maintainers can put the community on moderated membership, but that doesn't stop the problem when the troll(s) is/are already in the community.

A prominent example of this problem is ohnotheydidnt.

If moderators were allowed to see the users that are tagging their entries, and which tags they are using, the problem would effectively be over. Finding tag spammers would be as easy as finding entry or comment spammers. Offending users could be reprimanded or banned, and members who followed the rules could enjoy their tagging privileges.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Save community maintainers time spent cleaning up the tags and, when necessary, restoring the correct ones
  • Save entry posters' inboxes from receiving excess comments from onlookers noting that someone has spammed the tags
  • Give the option of tagging back to members of communities who have lost it because of spam
  • Deter would-be trolls who don't want to risk a ban
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Some users may see it as an invasion of privacy or be less inclined to tag if they're being monitored
  • Time spent coding
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