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Improvements to top-level gallery view

Improvements to top-level gallery view

Short, concise description of the idea
User should be able to configure the top level view defaults to order galleries by date, alphabetically, or in a specified order. Also all galleries should link back to user's LJ.

Full description of the idea
The top level page does offer links for viewers to sort by date or alpha, but it cannot be configured by the user to do so by default. Also, when it is set to do so, it shows all galleries, not just top-level ones. Since one can order images within a gallery in any order, it seems that it should be possible to do so with galleries as well. Also, image descriptions should allow HTML, and all pages should offer the option to link back to the user's journal. As of now, I know of no way a visitor can get to the user's journal from the scrapbook.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Greater control over gallery presentation, giving the user the ability to control the manner in which the entire collection is presented to viewer.
  • Offer better grouping and organization of galleries, similar to the way images can be organized.
  • Make the configuration/management methods more consistent.
  • HTML in descriptions would make it easier to cross reference images, and contextualize images as the user may need or desire.
  • Linking scrapbook pages to the user's LJ allows viewers to return/go to the journal from the scrapbook.
  • Users could opt (via a checkbox, similar to those controlling view-ability of info on the profile page) not to link their scrapbook to their journal. But the option to do so would be there, and easy to configure.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Some users may not care how the top level page is presented (They do not have to configure it, so this is not a problem)
  • HTML/journal links may take viewers to places they don't expect. Users would not have to use HTML links or link to their journals.
  • Otherwise, I don't see drawbacks to offering greater control and flexibility to the way the scrapbook is presented, particularly since it would be consistent with the methods & interface by which individual images are already managed.
Tags: scrapbook, user interface, § no status
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