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Disallow Journal Inheritance

Disallow Journal Inheritance

Short, concise description of the idea
Prevent people from inheriting ownership of a journal when they receive a recycled email address previously used to open a journal.

Full description of the idea
In working in Support I've noticed that a lot of people make "unsubscribe me" requests, not knowing their email account was recycled from a previous LiveJournal user. They are instructed that they are the journal owner as the owner of the email address.

Instead of encouraging these non-LiveJournal users from deleting another person's journal, I'd like to see a way of dissociating the email address from the journal. That way if the user is still around and still has the password or secret question, they can recover their account.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users won't write to support asking who deleted their account.
  • Abandoned accounts that were useful to the general community won't be unnecessarily deleted.
  • As a permanent account holder, I won't have to worry if I die that my account will be wiped out by the next person to inherit my current email account. (Yes, I know that an account can be marked "memorial", but that requires a tech savvy family member who knows to ask.)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More unwanted or unaccessable accounts may be retained.
  • Users asking for "unsubscribe me" might not take the time to explain that they have never been LiveJournal users in the first place.
Tags: account management, account retrieval, email validation, § no status
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