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Syn account URL edit request form

Syn account URL edit request form

Short, concise description of the idea
There should be a form linked from the profile page of syndicated accounts that users can use to request the source URL be edited, much like the suggestion proposal generator or Abuse report form.

Full description of the idea
It's documented in the FAQs that syndicated accounts can have their source URL changed by opening a Support Request in the syndication category. This often results in people opening requests that don't have all of the required information (unfortunately,) which means that volunteers have to investigate further and which makes the lag time in changing the URL longer than it should be.

I'm suggesting that, on every syndicated account's profile page, a link appear that says something like "(Request a change in this account's source URL)". This link would direct the user to a form like the abuse report form, which would populate with the syndicated account name, then ask the user to provide the URL to the new syndicated account, and to enter any other details that the user wanted to provide. The form would then verify that the site is reachable and that the user provided a link to the new RSS feed (not just to the site), then would open a Support Request for the user, already containing the necessary information and the necessary console command to make the change.

This way, Support Volunteers would only have to verify that the new feed contains the same content as the old feed, and then copy and paste the command to actually make the change in URL.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less burnout for Support Volunteers answering these types of requests.
  • Faster response to URL change requests.
  • Likely, a better directory of syndicated accounts, since the current change process isn't easily accessible unless you read documentation for fun. This results in a lot of stale syndicated accounts.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Requires coding of a new page and editing the profile page, both of which would likely not be high development priorities.
  • Less technically-oriented users may not be able to find the RSS feed for the new site's address (this would be mitigated, at least somewhat, if the reporting form used the same logic that the /syn/ page does to auto-detect RSS feeds.)
  • There's a potential for frivolous/abusive edit requests if there isn't any rate limiting by account as far as using the page goes.
Tags: support, syndication, user interface, § no status
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