Yuuko Ichihara (moresake) wrote in suggestions,
Yuuko Ichihara

De-Tracking of Threads

De-Tracking of Threads

Short, concise description of the idea
The ability to turn off notifications for a specific comment thread in your post or in another post where you founded the comment thread.

Full description of the idea
Sometimes it would be convenient to be able to unsubscribe to a comment thread-- if someone in a post you wrote gets into a conversation with another commenter and you don't care what they're talking about. Or maybe you posted a comment in someone else's journal but you don't want to read any of the comments in reply (it's too late to edit but everyone is pointing out your spelling mistake! or something like that). But if you left the comment or it's your post, and you have notifications turned on, you have no choice but to receive these messages. What I'm suggesting is a *selective* de-tracking of these threads: the ability to unsubscribe to a thread just like you can track a thread right now. Right now, you can receive replies to every comment you made, and comments to every journal entry, but you can't opt out of any threads. It would be a great paid member option, if nothing else.

An ordered list of benefits
  • less inbox spam
  • more control over comment notifications
  • a good opposite to the ability to track a thread
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • coding time
  • modification of notification behavior needed
  • a troll might post a bad comment/entry and turn notifs off to be obnoxious
Tags: comment threading, comments, message center inbox, notifications, notifications: email, § no status
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