Skittish Eclipse (foxfirefey) wrote in suggestions,
Skittish Eclipse

Add a preview button to the comment quickreply box

Add a preview button to the comment quickreply box

Short, concise description of the idea
The comment quickreply box could use a preview button.

Full description of the idea
Currently in order to preview a comment using quickreply, one either has to run spellcheck or use "More options" and then "preview".

The first option brings up the spellcheck interface, which is outdated and annoying and doesn't even recognize common words like LJ. It also doesn't serve very well as a preview--HTML is escaped instead of previewed as it will look when posted and LJ syntax <lj user="foxfirefey"> get expanded into escaped HTML instead of looking like foxfirefey.

The second option is an additional page load and button click and really isn't very efficient.

An ordered list of benefits
  • * This allows most people to easily preview their comments before they are posted!
    * Dreamwidth has already implemented this, so very little developer work is needed; we can just use their patch. It's good to exchange code with Dreamwidth and foster a helpful relationship that benefits LJ.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • * Extra buttons might confuse people or look cluttered
    * Afterwards, there will be a "check spelling" option that's off to the side; people might not know that it redundantly applies to both the preview and submit buttons.
Tags: comment creation, comments, user interface, § migrated, § patch available
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