DC (radiantsoul) wrote in suggestions,

Friend discovery tool

Friend discovery tool

Short, concise description of the idea
An opt in friends finder system that locates friends with similiar interest, etc

Full description of the idea
The idea would be that those that are looking for new friends could opt into a "looking for friends" database. This would be a bit like one found on dating websites; requesting details of age, location, interest, perhaps a personality quiz, etc. This would then attempt to match to future users

An ordered list of benefits
  • Currently it is difficult to know if people are actively looking for friends
  • You cannot tell much about a mostly friends only person from their profile or interests.
  • Would encourage friends outside of friends of friends and so broaden social networks.
  • Provides an alternative to the various "add me" communities which tend to have the same people posting over and over.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Difficult to determine what should be criteria.
  • Possible stalker issues(although this could be avoided by using large geographic areas, not allowing email/name/contact detail searches)
Tags: interests, searches, social networking, § under review
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