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Send mobile post commands summary to phone

Send mobile post commands summary to phone

Short, concise description of the idea
When a new user signs up for the mobile posting feature, or if the user sends a request command (eg. "help"), send a list of lj posting commands to the specified email address.

Full description of the idea
This is a fleshing-out and repost of this suggestion.

Livejournal's e-mail posting feature is wonderfully powerful. Unfortunately, this means occasionally I'm left scratching my head because I can't remember the command to turn comments off, or to make my post private, or to screen based on friends groups, not to mention icon changes. While users could look up the information on the help pages for mobile posting, wouldn't it be better if the command summary could be sent to them?

An ordered list of benefits
  • User convenience because now we no longer have to remember so many commands.
  • Users can save the e-mail for future reference, saving time and LJ's bandwidth.
  • If the response includes a list of current friends groups so that the lj-security command will work, that would rock so hard. (I sometimes have problems remembering what I named certain filters.)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Possible increase in e-mail traffic, but I don't think the increase in traffic should be all that noticeable.
  • Users might want the option of sending the commands to the e-mail address requesting, instead of to a pre-specified e-mail. This could be avoided with the option to specify (eg. if the command is just "help", the list of LJ options will be sent to my e-mail address on file, but "help" will get the e-mail sent to
  • Users without e-mail on their mobile phones may not be able to access this feature unless LJ wants to send text messages. (Posting via mobile texting and posting via e-mail is a different beast, though, isn't it?)

ETA: Sorry about any confusion. I'm in Tokyo, and pretty much all messaging from phones is done via e-mail, so I may have conflated the two when typing this suggestion up. To clarify--I'm talking about e-mail mobile posting. ^_^
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