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Maintainers can see "last updated" for members.

Maintainers can see "last updated" for members.

Short, concise description of the idea
Community maintainers should be able to see "Last Updated" for each member [similar to what is seen when doing an interest search] via either the "members.bml" or "/tools/friendlist.bml" page.

Full description of the idea
As it stands right now, community maintainers have the ability to go through a community's member list on the "members.bml" page and edit/remove a member's individual settings. There is no way to see if the journal is active, empty, a sock, etc. without going to the profile.

I believe it would be helpful for maintainers to see a "Last Updated" for each user, so you can clearly see if there are "sock" accounts in the community, or see if there are just dead journals.

While "Last Updated: Never" is not a fool-proof way to detect a troll or sock account, for many maintainers, myself included, it would throw up a red flag. Upon seeing it, the maintainer could choose to investigate further by then visiting the profile and checking for things like the creation date and Friends/Friend-of.

The easiest way to do this would seem to be by using the "/tools/friendslist.bml" page, since it more closely resembles the results from a search using "interests.bml." However, that would mean needing another window or tab open to the "members.bml" page at the same time to modify each user's community membership privileges.

An ordered list of benefits
    • Maintainers have a better chance of stopping spam and/or trolling before it starts

    • Larger communities can free up membership space for legitimate users
An ordered list of problems/issues involved

    • This may be hard to implement for just maintainers.

    • Coding/scripting/database issues?

    • Inadvertent deletion of legitimate accounts (which can be easily rectified, of course)
  • I'm completely open to what other people think may be benefits or drawbacks.
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