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New, smaller "userinfo" icons (including all types of small icons), side-wide

New, smaller "userinfo" icons (including all types of small icons), side-wide

Short, concise description of the idea
I think it's time for new userinfo icons including community info, news, sponsored, syndicated, open id, track, mem, flag, update/edit, join, add friend, send vgift, locked entry, private entry icons, etc. At the very least, the use of smaller icons (12px by 12px) would be appreciated.

Full description of the idea
Many users feel that the current userinfo icons are large and unattractive. The first css I learned was how to replace them on my journal. But now users want to replace them everywhere ( I think the worst problem with them is that they are too large. So, if you use a font size like 12px on your journal, typing someone's username will result in a line height of 17px for that line. It's visually disruptive. Also, the icons are mostly made up of primary colors that tend to clash with other colors. It would be nice if they were made up of more neutral colors like greys and tans. And made more visually appealing in general.

The reason I think keeping the bigger icons should be an option is that I assume visually impaired users and users with older monitors would find smaller icons hard to see.

To recap: more attractive, smaller userinfo icons and the option to keep the bigger version. This is for the whole site, including site schemes and journal pages.


An ordered list of benefits
  • More visually appealing site
  • Less icon replacement by users, which can cause confusion
  • Updated look (how long have we been using the faceless astronaut?)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • If there isn't an option for keeping the large icons, users that rely on their size will be at a disadvantage
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