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OpenID friends

OpenID friends

Short, concise description of the idea
Ability to see entries of friended OpenID accounts on the friends page

Full description of the idea
OpenID accounts can friend LJ accounts and LJ accounts can friend OpenID accounts... But entries from OpenID accounts don't show up on the Friends page. Since for personal accounts "friending" is akin to "watching" of communities, shouldn't the posts show up on the friends page? It's definately possible since it would function in the same way syndicated accounts work, yes?

To offset the fact that this is similar to a syndicated account and that the creation of syndicated acounts is a paid/permanent-only feature, perhaps it should be made that these entries are not able to be commented on and such...

An ordered list of benefits
  • More helpul for those of us who have OpenID friends and want to keep track of them
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Perhaps overstepping the creation of syndicated accounts?
Tags: openid, syndication, § no status
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