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Project Goat-See

Project Goat-See

Short, concise description of the idea
Webcams should be placed throughout the LiveJournal Inc. office.

Full description of the idea
LiveJournal Inc. should become more transparent by allowing its users to view what is happening at the LiveJournal offices. Webcams could be placed on bulletin boards, computers, and in undisclosed places throughout the office. LiveJournal users would be able to watch the staff run the site!

An ordered list of benefits

  • Staff members would be more motivated to work if they knew users could be watching them.
  • LiveJournal users would gain insight as to how the site operates behind the scenes.
  • This could help to improve staff-user relations as both sides gain a more complete understanding of the other.
  • LiveJournal would be improving its transparency.
  • Frank would gain the big-screen exposure he so clearly deserves.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Staff members may feel as though their privacy has been invaded.
  • This would cost a small amount of money.
  • The webcams could cover up calendars, preventing staff members from knowing what day it is.

Tags: april fool's, business, § implemented differently
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