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narrowing down interests

narrowing down interests

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Interest names are combined to reduce interest names with similar names

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I think that finding people with particular interests is not made easier by the fact that the spelling of an interest will be different from person to person. Also with a limit of 150 interests (which doesnt look like it is going to increase any time soon) we are limited in terms of space.

For example, i could add "thunder", "thunderstorms" or "thunder storms" all are valid, all will bring up different people, all are essentially the same thing.

My proposal is that the list of interests in centrally managed, so that when I add my interests it is interogated by the LJ servers and then I can choose the interest that is closest to it.

So in the above example if I add "thunder storms" to my interests and LJ has "thunderstorms" as the preferred word then i get notified to choose that option.

Anything that isnt in the LJ database shows as item that is not underlined, therefore not in the list of words that are listed as interests. There should also be an option to submit interests to add to the list of words that LJ has

An ordered list of benefits
  • reduce the number of words pertaining to one interest which will ease searching for people with similar interests
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • the time to code

I can see from the replies that the initial proposal would not work. I think most people saw what I was attempting in that with only a 150 interest limit and many of the same words meaning the same thing (my example being thunder, thunderstorms and thunder storms) it would be nice to have one option so that everyone interested in thunderstorms for example would only need to use one of the re interest slots for that particular thing. I didn’t mean to strip people of the ability to add their own interests, but as someone said if you type in thunder LJ would be clever enough to say “did you mean thunderstorms?” in which case a yes would add that, a no would add yours.
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