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Comment Editing for the Masses (in case of invalid markup)

Comment Editing for the Masses (in case of invalid markup)

Short, concise description of the idea
Paid users can edit comments provided there are no replies. What about extending the ability to edit comments to anyone, if LiveJournal's HTML cleaner detected irreparable markup in their comment? ("Anyone" is "the owner of the comment, regardless of journal payment status" here, rather than "anyone" like "my comment, but Frank can edit it now, oops".)

Full description of the idea
After years of requests and debate, Paid users may edit their own comments, provided there are no replies. This has been working pretty well, despite previous concerns that kittens would die, et cetera.

Re-visiting one of the original requests for the feature (here, from 2004), it would be spiffy to extend the ability to edit comments to all users, in the specific case that their comment had irreparable markup (and no replies). This would reduce the overall number of comments with invalid markup on LJ, and possibly reduce wear and tear from people deleting the invalid comments and re-posting them.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More love for Early Adopters (and everyone else)
  • Incentive remains to get a paid account, because this would only be available to unpaid users in case of irreparable markup (possibly greater incentive as people get hooked on a taste of the power)
  • Fewer confusing notifications of deleted comments in the inbox
  • Less broken HTML in comments
  • Possibly less wear and tear on LJ, if the effort of editing a comment is less than the effort of deleting/re-posting
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Fewer incentives for people to get paid accounts
  • Possibly more overall wear and tear on LJ, if more people who would not have deleted-and-re-posted felt like editing
  • Slackening of commenting habits; slovenly coding habits creeping into the userbase; the decline of the Preview function
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