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allow boolean-type searches when viewing tagged entries

allow boolean-type searches when viewing tagged entries

Short, concise description of the idea
Instead of only being able to view one tag at a time, I'd like the ability to view entries that are tagged with two (or more) specific tags. For example, journal entries that have both "kittens" and "puppies" as tags.

Full description of the idea
This feature would let LiveJournal's tag system work more like the tags on Delicious. On Delicious you can filter results by selecting different tag combinations.

So, on LiveJournal, instead of getting all entries tagged "Batman" and then searching through them to find Batman icons, users could select the tags "Batman" and "icons," giving them, ta da!, all the posts that contain Batman icons.

If we're feeling really brave, we could add the "not" operator as well, allowing us to select posts with "Batman" but exclude those that are also tagged "musical theatre."

An ordered list of benefits
  • Makes the tagging system more flexible.
  • Allows readers to fine-tune their searches, giving faster results.
  • Stops users from having to load page after page of a popular tag. Using "and" or "not" searches will limit their hits.
  • May help journals that have already hit their limit on tags; they can create fewer tags if they know they can search them more efficiently.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I hear tags already create some strain on the servers, this will only make them wheeze all the more.
  • Will probably require a new page/interface to deal with these searches.
Tags: searches, tags, § implemented, § no status
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