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Best of Suggestions time

The LiveJournal Advisory Board is having a meeting on March 10th (I apologize for the short notice, but this is the first I heard of this; I'm unsure how much notice the board themselves were given) and are soliciting feedback about what things people would like implemented. To make it easier for them, I figured right now is a great time for the long-awaited poll about what the current most-wanted suggestions are. (I'll leave this poll open past the time of the meeting so the poll can serve double duty.)

If you have poor opinions about the kind of job the Advisory Board or any of its members are doing, this is not the place to air those complaints. This is for what suggestions you'd like to see. That's all.

Poll #1362829 Top Three Most-Wanted from Suggestions

The URL of the #1 suggestions entry you'd like to see implemented

The URL of the #2 suggestions entry you'd like to see implemented

The URL of the #3 suggestions entry you'd like to see implemented

Below the lj-cut, in no particular order (why no, attempting to sort these submissions and then completely giving up wasn't the hold-up, what made you imagine that?) are some of the suggestions that people thought were particularly good:

[Edited to add: the following are just things some of the suggestions regulars thought were shiny; if you see something that isn't in this list, feel free to pop it in the poll as well.] -- select default comm icon -- View all own posts ... to be able to find old community posts -- link from ScrapBook to journal: -- show security icon for ScrapBook galleries up and down arrows for rearranging images in ScrapBook gallery: Opt-in friends filters: Select/deselect all comments option: Revamp interest searches so most recent updated show: specify size of preview images in ScrapBook: Back tagging (similar to previously-mentioned bulk tagging, but different discussion): Allow people to reply to their own screened comments: Notifications for Support events Separate tagging permissions: more than 150 interests Blind polling - Have the 'messages' section of LJ set to email only: Ajax-ify lj-cuts: Friends filter matrix: Viewing entry tags on month view page of calendar: Notifications: opt out of automatically-checked "email" notification option: Allowing people to list schools more than once Forward/future posting: Don't hide existing comments when disabling comments: Multiple userpics upload: Longer maximum entry length: set non-consecutive dates for a single school Ability to mass-edit security level of all entries, regardless of current security level: Subscribe to all comments in a community with a single setting Subscriptions to individual polls: Bulk tagging: Mass export for ScrapBook or at least some sort of downloading system ( All notifs should go to inbox: add a default security level in addition to the minimum security level (but don't replace the minimum security setting) -- Community Support - Locking Posts Archive Folder in Inbox: increase or remove tag limit one-click notification opt-out MP3 hosting on ScrapBook: Set minimum security to custom friends group Another (perhaps better?) discussion about purging inactive accounts: Separate "I want to read this person's public posts" from "I trust this person to read my friends-locked posts": -- Info given when renaming an account "Mark As Read" Option for Friends Page Entries: limited free renames -- Switch time zone settings on friends page Inactive/Never Used Account Purge: -- Change File Name on non-Default Icons without losing it on previous entries change effects of userpic keyword change change effects of userpic keyword change Filtering Community Posts By Poster: One-click preview of quickreply comments: Uploading to ScrapBook from URL: Bulk Editing Of Memories - Increase Time Limit on Voice Posts: userpic keyword change prompt effects -- Don't display Post Comment form if user can't post a comment "Watched by" list for syndicated accounts: voice post direct upload Display username of poster on Edit Tag page for communities: frank should know what pants are -- Ability to see how many subscriptions you have filtered tags Date stamp for when "friends" last updated on Manage Friends: Adding more links to Community Management page: (Component layout: hide the tags box if no tags are visible) S2: add viewer_is_maintainer(): -- Redirecting after login Entry-specific toggling of commenting permissions Mass Edit Posting Access in Communities: manage tags link moderated posts for moderators Links on "You are not authorized to view this protected entry." select no userpic on entry -- Minimize FOAF along with search inclusion -- Per-entry toggling of comment IP logging -- Excluding entries viewer doesn't have access to on tag count page Adult Flagging For Icons - Community moderation queue log - Full back-up utility: -- Option to view Entries without displaying comments Set Community Moderation Queue to Local Time Zone - list of pending schools Ability to delete multiple subscriptions at once: alphabetized icons -- Comment Thread Collapse URL tag to display entry in site scheme Screened comment display on custom comment pages: Anchor tags to individual userpics: -- Sort Support Request board by requests to which you have not left a response Customization of robots.txt: "Mark All Read" at top of inbox - Move "Mark All Read" to top of Inbox: -- Link to Rename Account on purged journal's page A Link to the Join LiveJournal Page on Pages of Unregistered Usernames - clickable links in inbox Re-vamp the membership request page - Screening entire comment thread: -- Preview option for submitting suggestions -- Community notes section for moderators/maintainers -- Add free text areas to all styles -- Sorting Custom Friends Group page by journal type Make the HTML Editor Default for New Users.
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