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Give validated OpenID account full site privileges

Give validated OpenID account full site privileges

Short, concise description of the idea
Give OpenID accounts with a validated email address access to all site features including joining communities and posting to a journal.

Full description of the idea
This idea stems from the much simpler suggestion to allow OpenID users to join/post in communities.

Currently, as an OpenID account, you are not able to join communities nor can you post entries. This restriction on posting applies to not only your (non-existent) personal journal but also to communities with open posting access.

What I propose is a validation system wherby OpenID accounts can provide the same information that is requested during regular account creation* - that is, a Re-Captcha to prove humanity and a birthdate. Once validated these accounts can join communities, post to journals, and enjoy other benefits of holding a regular account.

*Currently to create an LJ account you need to provide a username and e-mail address, come up with a password, fill in a birthdate, and pass a Re-Captcha. You're then asked to provide a name, gender, location, some interests, and a brief bio (none of which is necessary to create the account). You can then decline upgrading to a paid account and wait for the validation e-mail to arrive.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Fewer frustrations on the part of OpenID users
  • Better integration with the ideals of OpenID - when I sign on with my OpenID on other sites I'm not treated as a second-class user as I am on LJ.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Developer time and effort.
  • Creates fewer incentives to sign up for regular accounts which can become paid accounts.
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