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Dynamic Drama filter

Dynamic Drama filter

Short, concise description of the idea
There are always posts we would rather not see on our friends page - how about a dynamic filter for them?

Full description of the idea
It is the nature of LJ that some people out there will post anything and everything about their daily life, including whiny, overly dramatic, and completely self-indulgent posts. And they are usually not even behind LJ-cuts. And you never know when one of your friends is going to make one of "those" posts.

What I propose is an extension of the groups mechanic - a dynamic filter that looks for certain key phrases, like "does not understand", "I need you", "why are you doing this to me", "cried again", "my heart bleeds again from your wounds and why does everyone think I am a vampire really?", etc.

Then you could turn that filter on and off (on top of your group filters) and just have those posts hidden. Perhaps you might get a little one line entry, like:
Friend X - Subject - (Hidden because of excess Drama Content).

Alternatively, you could set a drama quota and only show the first X Drama posts in a given day. Then you would only hide the latter posts.

An ordered list of benefits
  • A more pleasant reading experience.
  • Customizable to the level of drama everyone prefers.
  • Convenient excuse for not having read a given post - "Sorry, you got caught in my Drama filter."
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • A dynamic filtering algorithm could be time consuming to implement.
  • Wrong things could be caught in the filter, or not enough could be caught.
  • Some people may get slightly upset and write a dramatic post about it to their LJ.
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