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provide subscription/invitation options

provide subscription/invitation options

Short, concise description of the idea
The current all-or-nothing provisions are leading to increased isolation among bloggers. People are locking down as Friends-only either reading or posting. There need to be more extensive options to prevent this effect of self-sequestering.

Full description of the idea
Take the existing Tag system and use those titles as "channels" which journalists can choose to either publish or hide. Amongst all available public channels, readers can then also limit their subscriptions to only certain channels. Consolidate the Friends/CustomGroups system in order to take advantage of these new journal "channels" (Tags).

Details are at http://mellowtigger.livejournal.com/78076.html, but here's the gist:

With all posts tagged into appropriate subjects, it's now easy to introduce the concept of invitations, which is the permission system that each user can modify to control their journal. You can set a default for your journal, and you can also set a value specific to any user account for your readers. There are 2 logic protocols on permissions.
ALL except taglist
NONE except taglist (public cannot be excluded as a journal default but can be applied to individual user accounts)

The ALL setting is inclusive, but the NONE setting is exclusive. This is important for deciding permissions when you make a post with multiple tags. With the ALL sertting, if any one of the subscribed channels is viewable then any excluded tags are ignored. (The post is viewable by the reader.) With the NONE setting, if any one of the subscribed channels is hidden then any viewable tags are ignored. (The post is hidden from the reader.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • People can easily choose levels of access, both publicizing and subscribing, rather than being limited to an all-or-nothing Friends setting.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Users will have to get accustomed to marking Tags on every post. It would help to make "public" the default Tag for each post.
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