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EDIT: I DIDN'T KNOW POSTING THIS SUGGESTION WOULD POST IN A COMMUNITY, SO PLEASE EXCUSE MY POORLY ORGANIZED ENTRY. IT'S VERY VERY.. Very.. awful to be honest. I sound like a five year old.. So excuse me. ;embarrassed;


Short, concise description of the idea
Live Journal should have a search bar to search actual entries, not just interests and such.

Full description of the idea
I apologize for the lack of organization in this description.

Well, I've been using Livejournal for years. In fact, since 2004. I've always thought of seeing Livejournal eventually getting a search bar for their website, but they didn't. Finally, I got sick of it and switched with Xanga because I could search for entries and see if anyone else is talking about the same thing I am, or talking about recent events so I can see their opinions. I came back to Livejournal after that (and moved my entries from Xanga to Livejournal because I'm a crazy about history and preserving and backup data) because of their calendar feature.

Basically, the idea is to have a search feature like you have at the top, except to search for text within the entries. Many, many, many blog sites use this, and many websites use this feature. I am just appalled how Livejournal hasn't even step up and added one! Why is that? It's just aggravating me, because I am sure I'm not the only one who would love a feature like that.

You guys could also give users the ability to have people not be able to search and find your blog. Maybe the day you guys add searching for entries, when people log on in, the homepage will just be, "Hello. Thank you for signing in. We have recently added a search feature for Livejournal. Do you want users to be able to find your blog by searching for text that was in your entries? Yes/No. Thank you. Come again."

Also, just incase I didn't make myself clear which I'm pretty sure I did. my suggestion is for searching for text all over the livejournal site. Because I told my friends this and at first they thought I was talking about having to look through your friends list, and seeing a search bar to search THEIR livejournal page.. not the whole livejournal site, and that's boring.

Also, I just thought of this, in my suggestion, I would like to be able to search and view the results from most recently updated to least updated of course.. and if you guys would take a look at Twitter for once.. their search engine is the best thing that has ever hit the internet.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users can read up on things they are interested in.
    Users who wanted more viewers can get more viewers.
    Users who didn't sign up for Livejournal specifically because Livejournal didn't have a search feature will sign up.
    It will be enjoyable.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Some users won't like people being able to find their blog just because they searched "i ate a banana" and the user who didn't want anyone reading their blog one time said "i ate a banana" recently. But, my idea on having the option (and most likely other's ideas) to have people not be able to find you like 99% of blog websites that have the search feature have will fix everything.
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