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Allow anonymous comments on friends-locked posts

Allow anonymous comments on friends-locked posts

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow the journal owner to allow comments from "Everybody" on a locked post, with the effect of allowing anyone permitted to see the post, to comment anonymously.

Full description of the idea
Anonymous commenting was initially intended as a way to allow people who do not have LiveJournal account to comment on posts. However, it turns out anonymous commenting has many other uses, and a lot of anonymous commenting is done by people who *do* have LiveJournal accounts.

Sometimes, people make posts where they specifically invite anonymous comments, and in some cases, it would be valuable to be able to limit the readership & participation of such a post to one's friendslist or a friend group. Some examples of such posts:
- Tell me a secret!
- Who do you have a crush on?
- Give me constructive criticism about myself.

In many cases like this, people will want or even need anonymity, but the kind of conversation that is possible when people know the post is not open to the world at large is different.

The simplest way to change the user interface for this, would be to add an "Anonymous" option to the "Allow Comments?" menu for an individual post, in addition to the "Journal Default" and "Disabled" options. "Don't Email" should be moved to a separate checkbox anyway, to simply things.

It might also be useful to allow a journal-wide default in the comment settings page, to allow anonymous comments on friendslocked posts.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People wouldn't be forced to make a post public when they want to allow anonymous commenting.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Given the wording of some of the comment settings, both on the journalwide preferences and the post page, it might take some though to figure out how to change the user interface to make this possible without confusing people. Currently, "Everyone" is used to refer to anonymous commenting, and clearly "Everyone" does not apply to friends-locked posts. Also, options would have to be added to the email interface. Care should be taken not to break backwards-compatibility, nor to change existing behavior unexpectedly.
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