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Allow creating public or members-only tags with no associated entry.

Allow creating public or members-only tags with no associated entry.

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow creating public or members-only tags directly from the tags management page without having to post an entry at the right security level just to hang those tags on it.

Full description of the idea
Currently, a community tag created at the tag management page,, is automatically private, meaning that only a community maintainer can use it for autocomplete or drop-down tag selection. The only way to make those tags available for selection by members or non-member readers is to create an entry at the appropriate security level and add those tags. This is not always desirable, because there may be no reason to post an entry except to make that tag accessible, yet it may be useful to have that tag precreated, to avoid variant spellings or multiple redundant tags, or just as a hint that posters should use that tag for applicable entries.

This may be also applicable for personal journals (and it may be easier codewise to make it available to both), but (as far as I can tell) this feature is more relevant to community journals than to personal journals.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Easier tag management for community maintainers
  • Fewer entries tagged just to make a tag visible
  • More accurate tagging of community entries
  • Easier tagging for posters (or community members allowed to tag others' entries)
  • Less risk of tags disappearing due to accidental (or malicious) entry deletion
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More complex tag backend management, as tags will need to have an intrinsic visibility level independent of tagged entries.
  • More options in an already dense tag management page
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