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Allow you to see own "recent comments" arbitrarily further back in time

Allow you to see own "recent comments" arbitrarily further back in time

Short, concise description of the idea shows the most recent comments you've posted. Add the ability to page back to see less-recent comments. Perhaps move to a separate page.

Full description of the idea
List "recent comments posted" with "previous" and "next" links similar to the ones on individual journals, allowing you to move back to older comments you've posted, rather than just the 25 most recent ones.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Most obvious benefit: You're trying to remember where an LJ discussion you had is located, but you can't off the top of your head remember whose journal it was in, and you've posted more than 25 comments since then. You could scroll through the list and find it using this feature.
  • Less obvious benefit: This came up in discussion on a recent suggestion to allow people to mass-delete all comments they've left on a particular LJ. I and several other people thought this would be troublesome, because it lets people thoughtlessly/accidentally delete a lot of comments they don't realize they're deleting. IOW, it would enable irreversible mistakes. Currently, you have to actually see which comment you're deleting when you delete it, which prevents most mistakes of this sort. However, it does seem that giving you an easy way to *find* all the comments you've left, be it on a particular journal or a particular topic or whatever criteria you have, would satisfy some of the reasons that feature was requested, while preventing most of the damage.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I don't see any drawbacks in terms of functionality or user interface, so this comes down to implementation. If it can be reasonably implemented and doesn't cause resource or other technical problems, I don't think there are any other problems.
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