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Easy backtagging, Scrapbook style

Easy backtagging, Scrapbook style

Short, concise description of the idea
Quickly tag untagged entries in the same way you annotate/tag Scrapbook pictures

Full description of the idea
This idea occurred to me when I was annotating Scrapbook pictures: you have one screen that starts at the first unannotated picture. You type in a description, title and tags, hit 'enter' to submit the form, the page moves to the next picture, and so on.

I have over 4100 untagged entries, and tools like tags-from-10000-feet do not work on such a large amount of entries. The Scrapbook way still means you have to go through each entry yourself, but it makes the process a lot faster: rather than getting a list of entries, clicking open an entry, clicking edit, editing the tags, saving the entry, going back to the entry list, clicking open the next entry, etc. The current tag process takes about *eight* screens - the Scrapbook annotation tool only uses *one*. The entry can be displayed on the screen in a similar way to the Scrapbook photo, with the form underneath and the list of still-to-be-tagged entries on the left.

Optional feature: select different entries to tag (i.e. select all untagged entries to edit, select all entries from a certain year, select all entries from a certain month)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Manual tagging is much faster
  • Scrapbook annotation system already exists, so an entire new interface does not need to be made
  • Backtagging old or untagged entries is easier and faster
  • No possible mistakes or high server load that is caused by an autotagging system
  • No high server load - every entry can be loaded individually and not all at once (isn't the average Scrapbook photo bigger in byte size than the average entry?)
  • Could be used in the future to make the entire process of editing entries (not just tags, but also subject titles, security) much faster
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Code of the Scrapbook annotation tool needs to be adapted to load entries from a journal instead of pictures from a gallery
  • Possible security issues
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