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Deny suggestions which do not include problems/issues

Deny suggestions which do not include problems/issues

Short, concise description of the idea
Change the rules of suggestions so that suggestions omitting problems/issues are rejected from the moderation queue.
Except in cases of correcting spelling or rewording page text, where it would not be required.

Full description of the idea
As it says on the submission page: "Almost all suggestions will have some drawbacks".
The omission of a list of problems/issues shows a lack of thinking by the suggester.
The suggestions community shouldn't be for idle ideas that are submitted within seconds of their conception, and people should think about their suggestions before submitting them.

I believe many people may think of problems but don't add problems because they don't personally believe it will be a problem.
Problems related to suggestions don't need to be something that you personally believe. Being able to look at own your suggestion and play the devil's advocate is a good thing.

An ordered list of benefits
  • A greater visible list of things for people to consider before showing their support.
  • Less burden on everyone else to come up with problems with the suggestions.
  • Hopefully fewer frivolous suggestions being made.
  • Similar to the above, the suggestions community will appear more serious.
  • Hopefully more people realising the difficulty in implementing their pipe-dreams
  • More people adding problems that they don't personally believe are a problem. It's not up to the suggester to decide what is or is not a problem.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Fewer people submitting genuinely good ideas because they don't want to spend 2 minutes considering the possible problems.
  • More work for the suggestions moderators (although not very much more)
  • More rules generally scare people.
  • There is nothing stopping people from submitting a suggestion, then editing the post to remove perfectly valid problems so that their suggestion is more attractive.
  • More people making up imaginary problems just to get their suggestions past the mods.
  • More people adding problems that they don't personally believe are a problem, just to make up the numbers. (like I just did now)
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